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Greetings and welcome to the third incarnation of my wallpaper site since its inception in 1998. As the web is a dynamic and ever changing entity, so too is a website's design and eventually change will occur. So, this is what I have come up with for my redesign. I hope it meets with your approval. I have continued to further simplify the design and keep the html as clean and fast as possible to give all users the best browsing experience while keeping the site looking fresh and stylish. Because of Tripod's pop-up advertising, I do reccomend that you keep the ad window open in the background so it won't keep "popping up" with every page load. Also, A few of the pages are still under construction so please excuse the "mess". However, the wallpaper pages are up and that's the most important thing. Finally, I do use a Mac to design my sites and as such have slightly geared the design to take advantage of the MacOS. Mostly this will only be evident in font use, so if you have the Geneva font available for your OS then the site will appear as it is intended to.
Thank you for your patience while my site was down and these changes were taking place. Enjoy my wallpaper and come back soon!


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